Some rules how to take care of your book

Some rules how to take care of your book

Touch your book with clean hands. Always wash your hands before handling your book. Oil, dirt, and debris on your hands can cause a lot of damage to the cover and pages. These kinds of stains will build up and can't be removed.

Avoid eating or drinking while reading your book. No matter how careful you are, spills are a possibility when you are eating or drinking. Keep your book away from food and beverages to keep it safe from stains. A large enough spill could damage the pages enough to make them unreadable.

Use a flat bookmark to mark the page. Never fold over the corners of pages to mark them, which will cause permanent damage. Marking your page by laying the book open flat or placing a large object between the pages (e.g. a large pen) will also damage the pages and spine. While you are reading your book, use a flat bookmark to keep the track of the page.

Why do I need to take good care of books?

Taking care of a book will let it last longer. It is a library book and other people will read it after you.


Library users are obliged to :

  1. Know and comply with the library.
  2. In the event of damage to a document obtained from the Library, - to carry out its own expense repair. If the document is damaged beyond repair, the user must replace it with an equivalent or copy.
  3. In case of loss of the document obtained from the Library, - make replacement or equivalent document.


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